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    Reliability Engineer


    COMET AG, CH-3175 Flamatt

    CH-3175 Flamatt


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    COMET Technologies USA is the headquarters as well as an important sales, distribution and service hub for the COMET
    Group. From this modern facility, we provide our innovative COMET X-ray and ebeam source technology and portable X-ray
    systems to leading manufacturers, research labs and government sites within North and South America.


    - Work with product development, quality, manufacturing, and outside partners to define and execute comprehensive test
    strategies beginning in early prototyping stages through volume production, enabling earliest possible discovery of
    failure modes for complex electro-mechanical autonomous systems
    - Participate in design reviews, FMEA and provide key ‘Design for Reliability’ inputs to mitigate risks before the
    first prototypes are built
    - Investigate root cause of reliability failures with the appropriate team and help to drive product improvement based
    on testing outcomes
    - Interface with internal Comet PCT teams to plan third party extended reliability testing for new products and
    existing products at NRTL’s as required
    - Monitor testing schedules and deliverables and manage expectations with multiple stakeholders (internal and external)
    - Communicate test progress internally and externally to customers through reports and periodic updates
    - Develop the test hardware and software systems required to efficiently execute performance and reliability
    validation within fast development schedules
    - Be the go-to person on UL, IEC and other and champion product reliability internally within Comet PCT
    - Analyze data, calculate statistics, and carefully document test results to support enterprise customers and
    regulatory certification efforts
    - Lead root cause analysis and help develop process/design mitigations collaborating with mechanical, electrical and
    software engineering teams to rapidly implement corrective actions and resolve system issues


    - Bachelors/ Master of Science Degree in Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, or similar with relevant
    coursework in solar technology and quality control processes
    - 5-7 years of hands-on experience in reliability testing with familiarity on the industry standards for reliability
    testing at NRTL’s.
    - 1-2 years of manufacturing and/or quality experience with understanding of technology and processes for
    manufacturing standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and quality inspection processes.
    - Experience in quality and manufacturing systems, business process improvement tools, and problem solving with
    relevant coursework in lean, 6S, zero defect manufacturing processes, inspection methods and tools.
    - In-depth understanding of technical documentation and familiarity with statistical analysis tools.
    - An experienced and finely-tuned sense of how to test, how not to test, and how to find vulnerabilities in processes
    and design
    - A systems-engineering approach to problem solving, and a knack for rapidly identifying issues within mechanical,
    electrical, and software domains as well as the grey areas between them on tightly integrated systems; strong desire to
    drive failure analysis to true root cause

    Data protection and confidentiality
    We take data protection seriously. “COMET AG” and software partner SAP have taken the necessary organizational and
    technical measures to ensure the confidentiality of your application. All HR personnel and umantis employees have a
    duty to maintain confidentiality with respect to personal data as part of their employment contract. Automatic 128-bit
    encryption ensures that your data is transmitted securely. The processing of your data complies with general data
    security standards based on the latest technology.